Best Essential Oils For Acne

Essential oils can make or break your skin. Choosing the right one can help prevent and even help you get rid of spots. The wrong oil can make things worse. I’ve reviewed two of the best essential oils that have helped many people struggling with bad skin. Oregano oil and Hemp seed oil can help you get rid of spots fast and quickly!


Oregano Oil For Acne

I’m a huge fan of pasta, so oregano is a big part of my diet. I was a little surprised to find out that oil of oregano is a very effective and natural acne remedy.

Oregano oil has some powerful antibacterial properties, and is a natural antiseptic, which both help to get rid of pimples by reducing inflammation and cleansing the skin naturally. It might not work as fast as some of the more powerful over the counter chemical products but it is still very effective. I would recommend using both natural remedies such as oregano oil or hemp seed (covered below) in combination with a proven over the counter cream.

One thing to bear in mind when using natural oils such as these topically (directly on the skin) is that they can be very powerful if undiluted. So it’s advisable to mix an undiluted essential oil with something like olive oil or even coconut oil to minimise adverse side effects. I know it sounds strange to put oil on your skin, especially because oily skin can lead to pimples, but these are good oils. In fact both olive oil and coconut oil are frequently used for skin conditions such as spots.

The key is to use these treatments regularly, and keep dabbing the affected areas with essential oils until it clears. Obviously, if you notice bad affects, it getting worse, or major side effects, stop immediately and see a dermatologist.

So apart from oregano oil for acne, many people suffering with spots also use oregano oil to cure their bad skin.

Hemp Seed Oil For Acne

Hemp seed oil has gained a huge amount of popularity when it comes to using it directly on your skin. It’s a great moisturizer, it’s packed with nutrients your skin needs such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Hemp seed oil for acne is therefore an incredibly effective natural treatment. It can be used topically or taken as a dietary supplement. It works well because it effectively reduces irritation and redness, allowing the skin to heal faster. As stated above already, such natural cures work best with a powerful over the counter face wash or cream. Natural remedies always take longer, and might not work as well. But they are certainly worth a try!


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